Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Are you Waiting for a Sign? Don’t!

Now, I have come across many events in my life and it intersects with life of many others. So when I write this article, I know what I am writing about. If you are following this blog of mine or know me on Facebook or Twitter, you would know that I created this blog very recently. The reason was simple; I wanted to share my experiences of corporate trainings on a different platform other than the trainer’s podium. This idea was lingering in my mind for the past two years and I actually had thought of lot of article to write about and share about, but my bed always held me back and my sleep pattern was not motivating me either ;-)

Then one day, with no particular set timings I started this blog (it is not rocket science, neither is this a Nobel prize worthy venture, still it is something!). Just like that! Didn’t wait for any sign nor was any soaring background music playing the moment I got the thought to start this blog. It just happened, and the reason was very simple – I wanted to do it!

It is often in our human nature to wait for a time for starting a work, especially if you are from the sub-continent region, we must have noticed our elders waiting for the right time to start a work! Like somehow the alignment of the planets and the time of earth’s rotation have something to do with what we are going to do! Honestly, these things don’t matter unless you are doing some space research.

I will agree that I used to believe in such stuffs, but now when I reflect on those things, it was really cropping up from my lazy attitude rather than my true belief system. Deep down inside I knew that none of this astrology/right time stuff is true, but somehow I accepted it, just because it helped me to stay lazy. Social Conditioning has a lot to do with people accepting certain things just like that without questioning the facts.
Eventually in the longer run (after many books, scientists, videos), I found out that this was not useful for me. This whole idea of putting the blame or burden on a non-living entity was somehow soothing for us humans. It somehow helped to us to be delusional to the fact that we did not do our job as required and yet we expected certain results!

If you look at certain staggering real life events of successful people, one would notice that their moment of success was achieved not by chance but absolutely because of the choices they made. The choice to seize the day!
Image source : Wikipedia  

Newton found the theory that attracted (pun intended) people to world of physics and changed the world forever; he was not waiting for the apple to fall on his head to go ahead with the theory of gravity. The falling of apple was just a trigger to an already existing idea (not the starting point of the idea itself).
Image source : Wikipedia

When Steve Jobs went on to create Apple Inc. along with his friend Steve Wozniak, he was not waiting for the right time, he just seized the moment, without wasting a moment. (You should check out the latest video about the origins of Apple Inc. and life of Steve Jobs).

Image source : Wikipedia
George Lucas, the creator of star wars didn't wait for the right time or another company to produce the nearly impossible visual effects that his movie demanded at that point of time. So what did he do, he created his own Visual effects producing company  Industrial lights and magic, which not only made history by creating awesomeness on screen, but is still creating brilliance in visual effects in modern cinema. 

Image source : Wikipedia

The same would apply to James Cameron of Avatar, he made the technology to catch up with his ideas, while most people do the opposite. For his magnum opus Avatar, he collaborated with Vince Pace to create a new kind of fusion camera that would make shooting in 3d possible with brilliant outcome unlike regular 3d shooting methods. You can know more about it here. 

By this point some may say that no matter what we do, it all in the will or hands of god, to them I would ask to focus on this saying – “God helps those who help themselves”. As you observe this quote from a totally neutral point of view, one would say that the main point here is to help oneself, taking action, starting something and not the result – which good or bad, is credited to God. I am not against the concept of belief in god but i am definitely against those who use the name to dump their ineffectiveness or lack of preparation or guts to do something. I find it unfair because most of the time people do not do the action required to reach their goals and blame God or whatever excuses they can come up with. So the concept of God in totality has become a dumping ground lame excuses arising from false beliefs, and I find it to be of Selfish and hypocritical in nature! 

The important thing to observe is, if we want to achieve something let us not wait for the right time. Let us go out and do it something about it, without giving any blames or excuses. Let us definitely not wait for the right  time, because the time we take action it becomes the right time. But the most important thing is that – we need to have something worth doing! So do you have it????
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  1. “God helps those who help themselves” - I agree to this, and this is self explanatory.

    1. Very true aleem.... hardly not many understand the true meaning!

  2. Yeah you are right aravind. WTF, If you feel passionate about it do it. Nothing less.