Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Importance of Personal Development.... It's an Art!

One fine day, just like the one you must be seeing outside your window right now, there was a man going on a path towards Success. As the man was moving, he came across a person who asked the man where he was headed.
The Man answered “Well, dear sir I am on my way to success!”  “Oh! In that case, you can take me along with you, I will be of huge use to you on your path to success” replied the person. “Well, how will you be useful to me?” asked the man. “I can guide you in achieving success in the field that you choose as I am Knowledge and without me you will be considered a fool” replied Knowledge. So the man took knowledge with him and continued his journey. Soon he came across another person who asked him the same question as knowledge did. “With knowledge, I am on my way to success” replied the man. “Oh! In that case you better take me along with you,
as I am Skill and I will help you in through me you can achieve mastery in your field”.
So the Man took both Knowledge and Skill with him and was cruising along the path to success though he thought that he is carrying all the tools required for reaching success. Soon he came across another person and asked the same question knowledge and skill had asked, the man replied he is already has enough support and doesn’t need anybody more. So the man was moving long, he also started seeing something in the horizon which was nothing but the tip of success, and he was initially feeling it as a smooth ride.
Soon he started facing many troubles in the form of boulders, thorns and pits in his path, initially he was able to overcome some of them using knowledge and skill. After some time he found out that everytime he crossed the troubles, he was getting slow and disoriented and soon there came a time where he realized that he could not even see the tip of success in the horizon, also knowledge and skill were not helping him too, so he stopped moving further and lost all hope. As he was sitting across he saw the third person whom he had refused to take with him earlier.
“Hey, how did you get here?” asked the man. “Well, the thing with me is that I was always with you on your journey, it’s just that you did not recognize my need & importance. Had you made a conscious choice of taking me with you, I would have helped you to develop yourself so that every time you faced the troubles, I would have been there to support and you wouldn’t have been sitting here right now.”
“Who are you?” asked the man. “My dear friend, I am Attitude, a key to your personal development, and this is me talking to you to make you understand that it’s not the troubles that make us stay down, it is our inability to rise again that keeps us there. Fear not my friend as it’s never too late to understand oneself, Let me help you to reach your destination and this time make a conscious effort to utilize me”
I am sure the above story helps you to understand the importance of personal development because Personal development is an art. Just like artist working on rough looking granite, can sculpt the most beautiful looking statue, every single person who works on themselves can sculpt out of them, a Champion! And hence the statement can be applied that Personal development is an Art!
Through these articles, the benefits that you can reap are many, like improving job satisfaction, motivation, loyalty, time management, stress management and many more.  As you read more, it will be like strokes of chisel on the granite and with every stroke you become more graceful and more elegant in terms of your attitude, responses and perception towards your work. But you must also understand that, though  these articles provide the tools, the degree of usage by you decides the outcome of the beautiful sculpture that you expect yourself to become!
So keep in touch with this blog in future and look forward for more inputs on personal development and together let us make the most beautiful piece of Art… You!

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