Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tough times don’t last, but how long do they last? not long!

Often we come across this statement, when we face tough times people often tell this. But have you for a second realized that when people say this, we often tend to think about the “Times” rather than “People”.  We often focus on “Why is this Happening?” rather than “How can I Cross this?”
As you think about it, I would like you to add this point in your train of thought – “How long does the “Times” actually last?” or “How tough the “Times” actually are?
Right now as you read this sentence we are going through some disturbance in our lives, there is no denying that. But we are still able to focus on what we want and move ahead. Read the last sentence again – “we are still able to focus on what we want” and this is where we go wrong.
According to Neil DeGrasse Tyson (American Astrophysicist and Science Communicator), The very universe we live in is quite tough - It’s hard to describe how big the universe is in the context of something bigger than it.  Did you know - that Population of earth is nearing 7 Billion. It would take someone 31,000 years to count to a trillion, whereas quintillion is the number of grains of sand on an average beach, sextillion is the number of stars in the observable universe.
Although many wouldn’t have heard about this, a killer asteroid, Apophis, was discovered December of 2004. And, on Friday, April 13, 2029, it will dip below our Earth-orbiting communication satellites. It will be the biggest, closest thing ever observed to come by earth ever in civilization. It’s possible that Earth’s gravity could alter its orbit enough that it would hit seven years later! Now that’s scary. But relax scientists are not counting the days to this event; they are actually finding ways to deflect the asteroid, which I am sure they will, because they are not focusing on why this happened? They are focusing on how to prevent this from happening. This is the attitude that is going to help mankind overcome their troubles.
I need you to draw a parallel for the above scenario with the present business challenges that lies ahead or is still nagging us and want you to understand that, the speculations and assumptions are not going to help us overcome them. We can keep talking about these tough times or we can take action to find a solution and overcome these times. What we need is “Action” on the “Strategies” towards our “Goals” and note that a journey of thousand miles starts with a small step. Remember that it’s better to try and fail than never try at all.
Let us take Action towards our targets and as we achieve them let us rejoice the fact we are tough enough to last out the tough times.

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